by Beneath The Machine

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Infection by Beneath The Machine is a heavy album made byou a bunch of people who didn't really know what they were signing up for when we started recording. The process took 2 years and we even had one member quit before it was completed. But we persevered and here is our prize. An 18 track album that we feel would be at home in any metalheads collection. Blending elements of thrash, technical, death, groove, and black metal, as well as elements of punk music and classical pieces, Infection will show that metal is alive and well in every sense of the word.


released June 11, 2016



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Beneath The Machine Lawrence, Massachusetts

Beneath The Machine is a five piece metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Blending several different forms of metal into an amalgamation that thrives on brutality and melody, this band looks different, sounds different, and doesn't stop.

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Track Name: Martyr Your Messiah
Resurrection of the chosen one
Ignorant masses shouting bleed for me
Every man woman and child
Can see him die on their TV screen
You martyr your messiah
Oh God how can this be
You murder your messiah
Is anybody gonna die for me?
Just because he gave his life for you
Doesn't mean he won't bleed for me
I'm the selfish hypocrite misanthrope
You will all die for me
Twilight of dawn and dusk
No one can protect us
Twilight of dusk and dawn
His wrath shall spare no one
The blood of the chosen one
Is now stained upon your hands
Touched by the hand of god
Crushed by the hand of man
Track Name: Onslaught
Prepare for war tonight
We march on our enemy
They have numbers we have strength
And twice the men show twice the fear
We wash our hands of this tonight
We wash them in their blood
Unholy crusade waging war for the lord
We will kill you
And no one's left to mourn
We will destroy you
Slaughter your first born
We will kill you
Everyone shall die
We will destroy you
As blood falls from the sky
Unholy crusade waging war for the lord
But God doesn't hate any man
In spite of you
Fight on your knees
You serve God
But the devil will answer your prayer
Track Name: FullGoreDeth
Rotting bodies resurrected back to life
Raised from the dead under order of divine
Devoid of light replaced with only hunger
Apocalyptic destruction it's time to die
Today is your last day
Will you just surrender and
Be taken under by the flood
I still stand and fight
No one will take this life away from me
Mindless mutants it's an army of undead
The conflagration consumes us nowhere to hide
Heroism abandoned now all is lost
When good refuses to act evil has won
Tonight is our last fight
Psychotic victims of a failed experiment
We’ll know from whom reborn of God or Government
The putrid carcass smell descends and starts to cleanse
Screaming in the dark
This is how the world ends
Track Name: Bone Vomit
Something internally combustion inside me
Human digestion a cannibal insurrection
Marrow infection rejected from intestines
Eating beating hearts the end begins to start
Bile fills your throat as you fall to your knees
Bones void of flesh spewing out
Mastication masturbation
Salivating blood
Laterally bound parabola is changing form
I must take in more and more
And more and more and more
My nemesis is emesis
The fight to keep it down
Death is coming out
Posthumous escape attempt
Jailed in my entrails
Regurgitated human flesh
A second chance to taste
Assault fire cleansed in bile
Nothing more will be as vile
Everything is coming out
I'll make a fuck puppet out of your skeleton
Track Name: Feed From The Coffins
I am a monster
I feed upon human flesh
I am a mad man
Marrow fuels my every breath
I am a demon
I drink the blood of human kind
I am a nightmare
No bones no bodies left to find
Feed from the coffins
Dig up the graves
Feast on the flesh
The dead cannot be saved
In the dark of night
Dig through six feet of dirt
Open my prize
A mangled corpse dragged from the earth
Another body added to my feast
It's never ending my hunger will not cease
Crime after crime against humanity
But those who face me just turn and flee
They see the flesh clutched in my hands
Run for their lives from a sight they cannot stand
Track Name: Regicide
Tyrants only rule for so long
Rivers of blood on his hands
Wars against his people instead of warring nations
Executioner's axe with hundreds of notches
Innocent deaths traded for amusement
We will rise you will die
Now it's time for this tyrant to fall
We will take your throne
After we take your crown from your head
Then your head from your shoulders
You cannot outrun the fury of the people
Do not step down from your throne
Because I want to behead a king
Streets run red with royal blood
As the tyrants family is thrown to the wolves
Tearing apart their bodies as they tore apart our lives
Leaving the pieces the animals discard them
Not even animals would consume that filth
Which is your flesh and blood
Our fury knocks down the doors to your palace
I grab you by the hair and drag you to the gallows
The tortured masses all gathered to watch you suffer
You try to resist against your restraints
But to no avail the rope is slid around your neck
You beg for mercy as your victims have
But like you I only increase the agony
One final plea to fall on deaf ears
Down you fall as a victim to the people
You die to the sound of applause
Track Name: User
You teach me of false prophecy
Blind ambition comradery
I'll sew your mouth shut sever ties
User use me it’s time to die
Throw me in a cage
Where there's no escape
Once I break out
My rage will take shape
Fury will befall you betray me one more time
My rage shall engulf you as storm clouds do the sky
I am my brothers sacrifice
User use me its time to die
He took you in called you son
But to my family you turned and ran
But from death's vengeance you shall not hide
User use me its time to
My rage will take shape
Track Name: Interstellar Xenocide
A demented deranged display of death
These evil enigmas annihilate our lives
Are lost in flame afraid of fury
We won't overcome
Murderous monsters mangle mankind
Gouge out eyes and gorge on minds
pain far too intense to name
Survival is futile
We all came to divide and conquer
All you have now is a fallen fate
We came from the reaches of your darkest thoughts
Extermination is what it costs
For us to leave you now in your barren waste
To leave your galaxy without a trace
Of you the lesser beings, non-intelligent life forms
Out mission here is simply that
We will kill you
Track Name: Creature
The creature wakes from slumber
Ready to feed on mutilated flesh
50,000 years of rest to regain his strength
Waking he says,
I am the vanguard of your destruction
I am the harbinger of death
I consume all souls
I am the end of all you know
Eyes to the sky as death rains down
Harvesting bodies as slaves for power
Sucking the entrails through their mouths
Finishing off by keeping their skeletons as trophies
Now bow before the creature
The chaos to organic evolution
He speaks again saying
Your life is measured in years and decades
I simply am
Your pitiful existence is finite
I am the pinnacle of existence
Track Name: Possess
I now command you
To consume and conquer all
With flames and plagues I wage war across the land
Spreading death and fear
Ride by night my fallen foes pave the way
Riding on victories and blood
We will ride
You will fall under our might
All shall die
Thrones of blood built by your soul
Conquer all
Chains will break from your own mind
Conquer all
In victory taking your soul
Blood shall lead us on our path
Taking your life and enslaving our foes
Our victory has come
With cries from burning flesh
Track Name: Yggdrasil
Yggdrasil is burning
Victim of the gods
All our souls are dying
Destroyed by the frauds
Yggdrasil is burning
All our hope is gone
And the fires rage on
Yggdrasil burns tonight
Everything in its light
An evil glow upon us all
The Gods all fight
The world tree falls
All the souls shall burn
Destroying what we've earned
The fury of the Gods
Has finally killed us all
As Yggdrasil falls
Conflagrate our one true home
Slag from steel and ash from bone
They must be stopped
They've all gone mad
The Gods shall fall
Revenge is had
Track Name: The Battle
As we march on to war
We face our destiny
As we march on towards
A battle with our enemies
As we fight for our lands
Their defeat is in our hands
As we win they will fall
Field of victory we stand tall
As I march with pride
I see my enemy up ahead
Gnashing teeth and bloodshot eyes
Soon they will all be dead
Fear races as I clutch my sword
Hungry for battles rage
Towards the battlefield we call home
Surrounded by an invisible cage
I enter the fray
Like a bat out of hell
As I swing my sword
The bastard fell
I turn around and swing my axe
It cuts right through his head
I look around in triumph that
Both if them are dead
I rip the axe from his head
look up and shout who's next
Praying to Thor to send more ships
My bloodthirst still unquenched
The banners raised victoriously
We ride on conquering all we see
Track Name: Flames
This battlefield is called my home
With stone or sword guns flesh and bones
They all come to me to bleed
They all come with souls so clean
Wise men know not my bravery
I'll die for the chance to succeed
I am the spirit of the fight
Onto the light walk through the flames
In the flames of tomorrow I will face my end
But from the ashes of yesterday I will rise again
Mankind strives for wartime
Pursuing peace
The world will only be at ease
When mankind is deceased
Defending government or god
We charge our lives we disregard
Dismantle innocence
The fight is on blood lust to come
The rich the kings the ones in charge
Protect their sons while killing ours
Strength of the world against all odds
Today is done and in the flames
Track Name: Rite Of The Slayer
I vow to slay my enemies
And cleanse them with blood and fire
I pledge my name to take up the sword
And deliver them to my Lord
No man will stand in my way
No beast will escape my fury
I am the slayer and I will slay thee
Listen to the words I speak
High atop this mountain peak
Stand with strength do not falter
Do not be afraid now go and slaughter
We stand with brothers against the tide
Our enemy is ocean wide
Thousands of men within our sight
But it's their horde that fears this fight
Track Name: Beneath The Machine
The silent masses summon screams
You walk alone no more
A congregation of the damned
awake and overcome
Despised and damaged we arise
You have nowhere to hide
The silent masses summon screams
We’ll shake the earth to the core
Our infection will cleanse your world
This plague will roam and take control
Now stand beside or stand aside
Beneath the machine we will rise
Stronger than steel stronger than metal
Rage and fury wrath of God
We’re what you can’t outrun
A roaring nightmare black and white
Soaked in red then gone
Broken knuckles broken jaw
The once strong in awe
Rage and fury carnage consumes
Now were fucking done with you
Track Name: Hypnosis
I will watch you fall asleep
I'll invade your safest dreams
you'll never escape from me
your nightmare will be set free
You will suffer
I will consume
Sleep dream sleep dream
You will fall asleep
Dream you will fucking dream
You are in my head
Death where I have slept
You keep me paralyzed
You will keep me hypnotized
You will suffer
I will consume
Sleep dream sleep die
Track Name: Dream Eater
My soul festers with hunger
Gazing upon your slumber
Creeping across your flesh
If you could speak you'd beg for death
Caressing with my tongue
Your comatosed eyes
Torn out show me the portal
And I will join you in your hell
I'm the monster injecting you with fear
I thee infidel insect I am Dream Eater
I'm your cancer spreading like a fire
Dead and alive your never ending nightmare
Nothing can break your sleep
Your seizing body bleeds
I am your suffering
I am your everything
I am everywhere you hide
You can’t ignore what’s in your mind
I’ve placed myself behind your eyes
You and I as one are alive
Encased in ice and chains
I free myself again
I'll rip into you clean
I'll reap from you my seed
Track Name: Necromangler
I will fuck your warm corpse
I will find new ways inside of you
I will fuck your knife wounds
I wish I could hear your scream
Your corpse will not know peace
A decomposing carcass penetrating as I please
Violating from behind
Thrusting with my hand on your head
Shoving you face first back in the earth
Driving you back into the dirt
Chemical catastrophe a physical abomination
everything worth living for will be destroyed by me
Mangled flesh apocalypse your death is not the end of it
Till death do we part not near enough commitment
I will take what I want from you
I can hear you laughing at me I can taste your sweat
I can feel your broken body just like all the rest
Dirt and insects fill your mouth and throat and gut while I shove down
Your mangled body for its second burial but now in bloodied ground