from by Beneath The Machine



Rotting bodies resurrected back to life
Raised from the dead under order of divine
Devoid of light replaced with only hunger
Apocalyptic destruction it's time to die
Today is your last day
Will you just surrender and
Be taken under by the flood
I still stand and fight
No one will take this life away from me
Mindless mutants it's an army of undead
The conflagration consumes us nowhere to hide
Heroism abandoned now all is lost
When good refuses to act evil has won
Tonight is our last fight
Psychotic victims of a failed experiment
We’ll know from whom reborn of God or Government
The putrid carcass smell descends and starts to cleanse
Screaming in the dark
This is how the world ends


from Infection, released June 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Beneath The Machine Lawrence, Massachusetts

Beneath The Machine is a five piece metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Blending several different forms of metal into an amalgamation that thrives on brutality and melody, this band looks different, sounds different, and doesn't stop.

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