from by Beneath The Machine



Tyrants only rule for so long
Rivers of blood on his hands
Wars against his people instead of warring nations
Executioner's axe with hundreds of notches
Innocent deaths traded for amusement
We will rise you will die
Now it's time for this tyrant to fall
We will take your throne
After we take your crown from your head
Then your head from your shoulders
You cannot outrun the fury of the people
Do not step down from your throne
Because I want to behead a king
Streets run red with royal blood
As the tyrants family is thrown to the wolves
Tearing apart their bodies as they tore apart our lives
Leaving the pieces the animals discard them
Not even animals would consume that filth
Which is your flesh and blood
Our fury knocks down the doors to your palace
I grab you by the hair and drag you to the gallows
The tortured masses all gathered to watch you suffer
You try to resist against your restraints
But to no avail the rope is slid around your neck
You beg for mercy as your victims have
But like you I only increase the agony
One final plea to fall on deaf ears
Down you fall as a victim to the people
You die to the sound of applause


from Infection, released June 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Beneath The Machine Lawrence, Massachusetts

Beneath The Machine is a five piece metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Blending several different forms of metal into an amalgamation that thrives on brutality and melody, this band looks different, sounds different, and doesn't stop.

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